Instance reachability check failed

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This is one error you do not want to see when you are booting up an EC2 instance the dreaded

Instance reachability check failed. Pass 0/2 checks or 1/2 check. Especially when this is you backup copy of a live system.

Believe me when I tell you that this strategy is being changed very quickly and S3 will be used for backup sets.

So how the hell do you fix this issue. Well if you are in the following situation all may not be lost.

This is based on the Ec2 instance being EBS backed if it is S3 then sorry not sure how you will get it working.

This method will allow you to get you data from the system and then allow you to rebuild the server, e.g. apache webserver.

This has worked on a Linux server, I have not tried it on a Windows server but it…

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