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Installing Owncloud

Own cloud the enterprise version of Dropbox, this on the face of it an amazing product, but as with all open source suffers a little in the documentation front. I must say though the installation guide is pretty good and gets you 99% of the way there. As always there are some little work a rounds, […]

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Installing Coppermine

Welcome to the world of digital asset management, there are several post both in this blog and the sister blog survialguides that take you through the installation of various DAM systems, for one reason or another, they did not quiet fit into the organisations methods of working. After some digging around Google Coppermine has risen to […]

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Install Pimcore Digital Asset Management

Pimcore digital asset management is the third open source management system that we are looking at. The other posts for Razuna and Resourcespace are under the links 🙂 As always I have installed this in the AWS Ec2 environment, I am  using the Market Place CentOS build. The link for the software can be found […]

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Creating an AWS EC2 server for a SugarCRM professional installation

This can be used for any Linux server, but I am running this up in AWS. Setup the environment with Apache and php and some prerequisites for APC etc… Note that this install does not include the MySQL element as I am using AWS RDS backend These are very important or the installation will fail yum […]

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