Install S3Fuse and mount local disk Amazon EC2

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There is a need to mount a S3 bucket to an EC2 server. Please NOTE that mounting drives should not be used in high read write environments. If all you want to do is push a backup to the disk because S3cmd will not do it for you then by all means use this. Do not use it for files that are server via a heavily used web server. (these are not my findings but from a startup company that I was talking to at the 2012 London AWS summit)

The install instructions for fuse are pretty concise so as per usual this will be about those little gotya’s (if that’s how you spell it 🙂 )

The are some pre-requisites as always but these are listed on the site. For S3Fuse installation instructions

To download S3fs

So from the install instructions with some slight amendments of course

yum install gcc libstdc++-devel…

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