The articles found here are all related to the Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services). If your reading some of these articles then you know about the subject already, if you are new to the IAAS offering, then where have you been.

The amount of documentation regarding how to get Amazon up and running is amazing, just search for AWS on www,amazon.com there all free PDF, you can also go to aws.amazon.com and have a look around.

This is my third blog in all areas of IT, I have a general technical blog survivalguides and a Business Intelligence blog for Pentaho. Please note that I do not work for either of these companies and am actually a technical IT manager for a company in the UK.

The articles that will be posted here will be how to make things work in Amazon. Much of the effort that you will find from the Amazon camp is around new builds and building your software around the Amazon services, but what if you have on premise servers and software and just want to move it to the cloud in the most cost effective way possible.

Welcome to my world!!!!

They will be mainly around how to get things working and the errors that you may face. But there hopefully will be tips on getting software working in the environment as well. It not all about issues and problems 🙂

Welcome to the world of Cloud computing with Amazon AWS.


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