Installing Oracle 11g XE and Apex 4.11 in Amazon AWS

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I have written about how to install Apex and XE on Linux, this one takes those thoughts and applies them to Amazon AWS.

There is some improvement on my ramblings of Linux Apex installation as well 🙂

If you want to run a highly resilient APEX installation then I would suggest that you run an Oracle RDS instance and a separate APEX web server, details of how to do this can be found at APEX within the Oracle RDS environment


One thing to note, if you are installing on an Amazon Ec2 image. Create a separate security group for this server and allow the following ports 8080,8181,37339. You obviously have to allow all of your standard ports 22 etc, but this is based of how you access the server. This is just note to highlight that there are some special ports that are required.

I am installing this on an Amazon Linux 64 bit image…

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